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B.C.K.C.A. (1991): East Yunnan Speleological Expedition 1991.-

Edit. BCKCA Belgian Chinese Karst and Caves Association and Academia sinica, ( without year): 51 pagg., surveys, phot.

The results of the exploration of 4 areas (Xundian, Xuanwei, Mile, Yiliang) and some isolated caves are presented. Approx. 22 km of cave passages were explored and 19 km mapped. Description and survey of: Gan He dong river cave 1,9 km; Lo Shue dong 1,2 km; Tiansheng Qiao dong 1,9 km/-273 m; Da Ping dong 1,09 km/-306 m; Da Kuo dong 1,05 km/-67 m; Ying Cui Shan 1,15 km/-65 m; and other caves <1 km. (RB).
Source : BBS
DUSAR, M.; ZHANG, Shouye (1991) : "East Yunan 1991". Geological and speleological reconnaissance of the East Yunan Karst (PR China). Preliminary results of a field trip between 17.12.1990 and 3.01.1991.-

Professional Paper (Service Géologique de Belgique), 1991/4, no248 (RV)

Source : BBS

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Sources et analyses : BBS, GKC, IGU KC