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neilsilverwood neilsilverwoodicon_post

I am a caver from New Zealand (down under) living in Hong Kong. I have caved in NZ for many years both in horizontal and alpine caves. I am looking at going on a caving trip into Guizhou and Chongqing. I am not focused on exploration just visiting know caves. I have a good supply off rope and rigging gear with me. Is it possible to get a copy of the Shuanghedongqun cave survey. This sounds like a fantastic cave to visit. Is there any other cave trips you could reccomend in that area. Any help would be much appreciated.

Kind regards

Neil Silverwood
jeanpier jeanpiericon_post
You can get a survey (pdf) in the dowload area
the survey of shuanghe is the chapter 1
so download all spelunca Mémoires n° 30 : 2006 : ch_1

of course this survey is now old the new one is near to be published...

the nearest couty Zheng'an have also a lot of very interesting cave..


we will be is this areas in next april to continue a lot of caves ...
jbottazzi jbottazziicon_post
Hi Neil,
If you like to make some caving exploration, there is also some interesting stuf in Guangxi...
When do you plan this caving trip ?
How many of you ?
neilsilverwood neilsilverwoodicon_post
Hi Jean,

There are three off us on the trip. All experianced cavers.
I am there from Mid December to mid January (could be a bit chilli!)
I would be certainly be interested in exploration in Guangxi. I have little information though at this stage.

Any help would be really apreciated.


jbottazzi jbottazziicon_post
sorry Neil, these times I am so busy...
I live in Guangxi in Leye-Fengshan geopark, which is a famous karst area. if it is on your way I can easily help the exploration there.
It would be more convenient for me to speak on my email Jean.Bottazzi at

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