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expe Guizhou 2000

Nom : Guizhou 2000
Année : 2000
Date :
Nationalité : Italienne
Organisateurs : MSNV - GNU
Liste des membres : [0]
F. Abrescia.G. Berzacola,A. Buzio,C. Ciapparelli,G. Rossi,D. Sighel,R. Zorzin,S. Tava,A. Pernechele,Xiong Kangning,Zhou Zhongfa,Zhu An,Chen Hu,Lan An Jun.
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Résumé :

The research carried out during the “Guizhou 2000” expedition was in the surroundings of the village of Hong Lin, in the county of Qianxi (Guizhou), situated about 250 km north-west of Guiyang. This area is still closed to tourism and has few passable roads. The Italian team was constantly accompanied by professors and researchers from the Guizhou Normal University and by local military forces. During the two-week stay in the village of Hong Lin, 12 of the 14 km of explored cave were surveyed.

As well as the activites of surveying, exploration and photographic documentation numerous studies of both a physical and zoological nature were also realised. These were preceded by three theoretical lectures to the geography students of the Guizhou Normal University. The participation of personnel from both the Zoology and Geology sections of the Civic Museum of Natural History in the “Guizhou 2000” expedition allowed a study of the cavernicolous fauna and the cave ecology in the areas visited to be initiated. The findings of these initial studies will be the focus of more detailed investigations. www : > <

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