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expe China Caves’97

Nom : China Caves’97
Année : 1997
Date : 2/8/97
Nationalité : Italienne
Organisateurs : MSNV - GNU
Liste des membres : [10]
Buzio Alberto,Confente Giovanni,Costalunga Rolando,Melotti silvano,Mengoli Davide,Ravasio Tiziana,Rossi Donatella,Scaglia Valentina,Sighel Daniele,Zorzin Roberto.Cheng Xing,He caihua,Li Xiaoling,Xiong Kangning.
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Résumé :

This was the first Italian speleological expedition realised with a common Italian – Chinese program. The organization of the expedition took more than one year and included numerous official contacts for defining the program and the type of collaboration.

The research carried out during the 1997 expedition was focused on Ziyun County (Guizhou), situated 150 km to the southwest of Guiyang, a territory still completely closed to tourists. Access is only allowed for study purposes with government permission and in the company of a Chinese research team. The major problems encountered in the research area were connected to travel, as transfer was by boat or on foot due to the lack of suitable roads, and to the provision of drinking water supplies. Some of the activities carried out during this expedition included a topographical survey of the karstic caves explored, sampling of rocks and minerals, sampling of ground water for chemical analyses, study of the external and hypogean morphology and collection of data on the Radon concentration (222 Rn) present in the explored karstic caves. www : > <

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